Updated Ram Jet Intake...

    I started with an extension tube for the IAT Sensor with an o2 bung welded in custom made at an exhaust shop.  It barely fit and sucked hot air from behind the radiator.  I eventually went to TLC 4X4 and got an intake tube (GM#25176891) and bracket (which I did not use) to run the intake to the drivers side.  I aborted this because of fitment issues and was able to make it fit running it to the passenger side.

    I scratched up the tube sliding it in and out so I recommend covering it up (blue tape was a little late for me) before banging it around.  I had to trim the lip off the intake tube at the non-flexible (air filter) side to make more room for the air filter as it snugs right against the bib.  I also had to repair the tube after I let it sit on the A/C compressor while the motor ran for a few seconds.  Plastic epoxy and some paint and it was good as new.  I had an exhaust shop custom build an adjustable (slotted holes) saddle bracket that attaches to holes I used for the Taurus fan install and holds the tube in place with a hose clamp.  I also had them make a small tube to allow the rubber intake tube to clamp down on the rubber air cleaner, otherwise it just squeezed the filter out.  The lip of the filter squeezes between the sleeve (inside) and intake tube lip (outside) and then is clamped down.

    I had to drop my radiator overflow down and rotate it 90 degrees in the engine compartment to allow for the air filter to fit above it.  I searched for a good IAT solution using a bulkhead fitting but decided to just drill a perfect hole and thread it in tightly.  I then used black high temp ATV gasket maker on the sensor to seal it.

    It is VERY tight but with the adjustment I can get it just right to clear the A/C compressor (York with Serp Clutch) and the from bib.

Ram Jet 350 Intake Pics